The Sousão grape, also known as Vinhão, is a robust and intense red wine grape variety that originates from Portugal. It is primarily grown in the regions of Douro and Minho, where it thrives in the cool, damp climate found in the north of the country.

This grape variety is one of the lesser-known varieties of Portuguese grapes, often overshadowed by the popular Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca. However, Sousão grape has recently gained recognition for its unique characteristics and potential for producing complex and powerful wines.

Sousão grapes are small and dark in color, with tight clusters that are resistant to disease and rot. The thick skin of the grape contains high levels of tannins, which contribute to its intense color and bold structure. The juice of the Sousão grape is also highly acidic, giving the wine an uplifting freshness and vibrant acidity.

The wines made from Sousão grapes are typically full-bodied and deeply colored, with flavors of dark berries, black plum, and hints of spice. The high levels of tannins provide a firm structure and a lengthy finish. These wines are often described as powerful and robust, with a good aging potential.

Due to its strong character and acidity, Sousão is commonly used as a blending grape in the production of Port wines, adding depth and complexity to the final blend. It is also used to create varietal wines, where its bold flavors and firm structure are showcased.

In recent years, winemakers have started to experiment with Sousão, exploring its potential as a stand-alone variety. These wines highlight the grape's unique characteristics and are gaining popularity among wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Overall, Sousão grapes offer a distinctive and bold expression of Portuguese winemaking. With its intense color, complex flavors, and high acidity, wines made from Sousão grapes are a testament to the country's rich winemaking heritage and its ability to produce exceptional and diverse wines.

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