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Benjamin Bridge

About Benjamin Bridge

Benjamin Bridge is one of Canada’s most renowned producers and manufacturers of sparkling wine. The winery has managed to grow its fame and scale over a short period of two years. The story started in 1999 with the efforts of entrepreneurs Dara Gordon and Gerry McConnell. 

The founders, Dara and Gerry, met during their careers as lawyers. The two held various similar values and notions. It applied to their respective areas and scopes of practice. For instance, it included aspects such as gender equality, worker rights, and the improvement of the economy of the Nova Scotia society. Later on in their life, Dara and Gerry became life partners. Henceforth, they shared an objective or commitment. They aimed to initiate rural living and implement their vision of responsible and sustainable agricultural and growth practices. The couple wished to grow high-quality vines and produce superior standard wines. Furthermore, they strived to farm organically on their fields located along the Bay of Fundy. 

Dara and Gerry invested in numerous years of relevant research. It got inspired by the early winemakers and grape growers of the region. They looked for new ways to produce region-specific and defining wines in the Gaspereau Valley. Overall, Benjamin Bridge has unwaveringly remained in the singular and remarkable pursuit of reflecting the vine-growing conditions in the wine itself. They have strived to do so as transparently as the process would allow. 

Today, Dara and Gerry’s twin daughters, Devon and Ashley McConnell-Gordon lead and handle their family business as a team. The overall team at Benjamin Bridge put in meticulous care in their vineyards. 

The winery directs the scale from a micro-boutique endeavour and project to a dedicated wine house. Such an approach has ensured the excellence of the wines produced by Benjamin Bridge. It gets expressed in every bottle.

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