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Protos, in Greek, means “first”. The wines of Bodega Protos strive to be exactly that – the first in quality and precision. It was during 1927 that this label was set up with the help of the local vine growers in the region of Camino Bodegas Protos in Valladolid in Spain. Within a couple of years of inception, the Protos red wine was awarded a gold medal at the World Exposition in Barcelona, a great start to the brand name, indeed!

The vineyards are spread across 1400 hectares located all over the Ribera del Duero Region. Out of these, the Valladolid, Burgos and Segovia are considered as few of the most fertile areas. The average altitude of the vines planted here is 900m above sea level. The climate in the Duero region has a major influence on the taste of the fruits produced here.

Thanks to the low rainfall, dry summers and long winters, the Tempranillo varietals grown here are unique and very different from the production in other areas. Close to 60% of the grapes for the Bodegas Protos wines are sourced from the Trellis vineyards and the remaining 40% of the fruits come from Goblet-trained vines.

Quality is a concept that is given high priority by the winemaking team at Bodegas Protos. Even in the age of modern techniques, only 100% manual harvesting is followed in the vineyards till date. They are then individually sorted to ensure that only those grapes that are healthy and whole are passed on to the fermentation process. The new Bodegas Protos winery has a vinification capacity of 1000 tons of grapes and barrels storage capacity of 5000 barrels.

The group already has three other wineries, out of which two are in the Ribera region. You can locate them at Valladolid and Anguix. The third winery is located in Rueda DO. This is where Verdejo wine is made.

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