About Bremerton

Bremerton Vintners Pty Limited, a business owned by the Willson family and located in the South Australian district of Langhorne Creek, produces both Bremerton Wines and Bremerton Vineyards. The region was initially populated mostly in the 1850s when English shipwright Frank Potts took possession of a piece of land and cultivated grapes. The area developed to 450 ha of land of vineyards before redevelopment started in 1990, expanding it to over 6000 ha, making it South Australia's second-largest grape-growing region. Rebecca Willson, the winemaker, and Lucy Willson, the marketing manager, have concentrated the family's wine line on premium and distinctive wines. With Rebecca's first mark at age 25, the 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon, which won an award and was rated third best, they have helped Bremerton gain a firm foothold in the fiercely competitive wine industry.

In order to create classic, delicious Langhorne Creek wines which demonstrate the consistency of style while inspiring the authentic varietal grape qualities to be expressed, Rebecca seeks out the best fruit from her own vineyard and other specialised Langhorne Creek vineyards. To achieve discreet and harmonious oak influences, the winery has substantially invested in a quality American and French oak program employing 220-liter barriques. Even standard stainless steel open-top fermenters and a specially designed barrel cellar for aging are used. The winery includes brand-new laboratories and tasting rooms that make the entire experience sanitary.

Bremerton has been working to forge a sustainable future since its founding in 1988. As a family-run enterprise, their mission is to leave this land in better environmental shape for the following generation of vintners and winemakers. This is all due to their involvement in a local program for managing environmental risks and the monthly meetings they've set up with natural resource managers, who establish the regional targets for the Langhorne Creek Biodiversity Program they are required to meet. Their estate has been continuously planted with native plants, which has ensured the formation of well-established native corridors, which are crucial for native wildlife as they offer a secure place for them to dwell. Since 1988, their property has been richer and greener every year, benefiting the neighbourhood; as a result, demonstrating their commitment.

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