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Castell`in Villa

About Castell`in Villa

Castell'in Villa is an 11th-century hamlet that was part of the community in the Sienese district. The medieval stone tower found in Castell'in Villa was the home of Princess Coralia Pignatelli della Leonessa. The medieval chapel located close to the central tower allows the visitor to glimpse the medieval structure and the art it houses. The art in the Castell includes a 12th-century bronze crucifix, temporarily held in the Castelnuovo Berardenga, that dates back to the mid-12th century. 

Wine-making has been a focus of Castell'in Villa. The estate covers 298 hectares, out of which 58 hectares are allotted for vineyards and 32 hectares for olive groves. The remaining are crops and woodland, a hunting ground for wild boar, hare and pheasants. 

Castell'in Villa aims to create wines of the highest quality from low yielding vineyards. The vineyards of Castell'in Villa is located in eight different sites, which reflect the diversity in the soil and microclimate of the Tuscan countryside. The wine-making in Castell'in Villa takes place in a modern cellar equipped with oak barrels and stainless-steel tanks. The wines pass through these containers in their various stages of development. The individual character of each vintage from Castell'in Villa is brought out through the attention to detail and respecting the grapes’ natural evolution. 

Agritourism at Castell'in Villa is offered at the La Cappana and the Gazzara Bed & Breakfast facility. Visitors can enjoy the beauties of the Tuscan countryside with the agritourism at Castell'in Villa. 

Castell'in Villa allows visitors to experience their wines along with the Mediterranean cuisine in the middle of the beautiful Tuscan landscape. The restaurant Castell'in Villa is driven by a love for culinary and enological arts. The restaurant’s style is a combination of modern and Mediterranean and houses several art pieces like the sculptured bronze doors of Cecco Bonanotte. The menu varies seasonally, and the inspiration behind the cooking is the Mediterranean. During the winter season, the restaurant sets up a fireplace. During summers, the meals are served on the terrace of the restaurant. The wines served at restaurant Castell'in Villa are from the estate vineyards. The cooking of Massimo Di Fulvio is a delight for all guests. 

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