About Cerbaiona

Established in 1977, Cerbaiona is one of the most significant Brunello wineries and sought-after locations ever since its first wine bottling in the early years of the ’80s. It was founded by Diego Molinari, a retired pilot from Alitalia. The Cerbaiona vineyards are a legend that has been existing for nearly 200 years. However, with the introduction of the Brunello DOCG, it started gaining even more attention and interest from people all across the globe. The winery attained cult status, attracting global connoisseurs and collectors. 

Cerbaiona is listed in the list of the top five wineries in Italy, voted by critics and Brunello collectors alike. The secret to its fame and success lies in the climate surrounding the vineyards and the terroir. The conventional interpretation that takes place in the wine cellar also plays a role. A culmination of the three factors creates a perfect symbiosis of delicious complexity of taste, aroma, and mouthfeel. 

The current planting of vineyards in Cerbaiona comprises three principal blocks. They got planted in 1978, 1986, and 2000 with approximately 3,600 plants assigned per hectare for each. After the handover of the winery to the new manager of the estate Matthew Fioretti and the American wine collector Gary Rieschel, replantation programmes of higher density plants began.  

The winemaking process at Cerbaiona starts at the vineyards with the separation of the vine rows and blocks. The best berries get selected and stored in pristine condition. Their fermentation ensues using indigenous yeasts for a natural, enriching, and fresh flavour. 

Per year, Cerbaiona produces about 10,000-15,000 bottles of the signature wine, the Brunello di Montalcino. Its tastes are distinctly and considerably different than that of other Brunello. It has the unique and unmatched indications of a cru vineyard with the very essence of Cerbaiona mixed in it.

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