Champagne Philipponnat

Champagne Philipponnat

About Champagne Philipponnat

The story and history of Champagne Philipponnat began almost 500 years ago when the Philipponnat family left their traces on the soils and lands of France’s historical province and wine region of Champagne. Generations of the family had played their roles and cultivated the plots of the former commune of Ay. It had remained the family’s home since Apvril le Philipponnat owned the vineyards between Dizy and Ay, in Le Léon, in 1522.

Thus, for over five centuries and 16 generations, the Philipponnat family has remained intricately linked with vine-growing and winemaking in the Champagne region. They have remained committed to the traditions and the land for a significant time. This dedication gets represented in the wines produced and marketed by Champagne Philipponnat. The winery’s products possess and deliver the excellent craftsmanship, talent, and winemaking skill dominated by the Philipponnat family that they acquired over the years. Champagne Philipponnat considers the connections of its people and the land to be the core on which it operates.

In the 1930s, Champagne Philipponnat was known primarily for its Clos des Goisses Champagne. However, the winery’s portfolio expanded significantly over the years, making it known for numerous products. Since 1999, the wine estate came under the ownership and supervision of Charles Philipponnat. He implemented and ensured the winery operated on tradition and history, never ignoring its original roots and ancient craft.

The vineyards and parcels of Champagne Philipponnat lie in the excellent wine region of Champagne. It allows the grapevines planted in the terroirs to receive the beneficial climatic conditions of the area and grow healthy and strong. The winery uses oak barrels to age its wines. It allows the drinks to acquire and offer a unique personality and complexity. On top of that, they deliver a perfect balance between tannin and acidity.


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