Chateau de Santenay

Chateau de Santenay

About Chateau de Santenay

Château de Santenay is now known as Domaine du Château Philippe le Hardi.

Burgundy, in France, is one of the most respected wine regions in the world. The wines produced here boast of a rich heritage and tradition. The Chateau de Santenay is one of the biggest wine Domaine in the Burgundy area and it encompasses an area of about 90 hectares. Chateau de Santenay wines are true representations of Burgundy’s rich culture and legacy.

The history of the chateau dates back to as early as the 9th, 12th and 16th centuries. This place was one of the several properties owned by the Philippe le Hardi, the Duke of Burgundy. As a result, it was known by his name for many centuries. During 1395, a document was signed by the Duke approving single vine cultivation in Burgundy. It was during this time that the Gamay was replaced by Pinot Noir as the single grape varietal that was to be used for producing red wines in Burgundy.

Chateau de Santenay wines are known for their rich palette, thanks to the beautiful split of their vineyards between Cote d’Or and Cote Chalonnaise. The diverse climates and soil quality of these places lend a distinct character to the wines created here. 

In this domaine, 25 white and red wines are produced. These include 3 Monopoly varieties, 10 Premier Cru varieties and 1 Grand Cru variety. These wines are created across 14 fertile appellations.  Out of these 3 appellations are found in Cote Chalonnaise, 6 are found in Cote de Bealine and 1 is found in Cotes de Nuit.

Since the last 2 decades the Chateau de Santenay has been practicing sustainable winemaking techniques. Around 4 years ago, in 2015, this domaine was bestowed with the award, High Environmental Value, one of the first wine domaines to be presented with this honour. The wines created here always follow the core values of the domaine – precision, authenticity and character.


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