Château Gassier

Château Gassier

About Château Gassier

Located in the Sainte-Victoire appellation, Chateau Grassier is strategically located right at the centre of the Cotes de Provence. It is one of the true reflections of the authenticity of the Sainte-Victoire region wines. The 40 hectares of vineyards are blessed with excellent soil, terroir and climatic conditions, which explains the reason for the speciality of these wines.

The history of the Gassier family dates back to as early as 1421. However, it was many generations later that they purchased the first vineyard in the year 1982. The year 2004 saw a significant change in the management of this brand as the Gassier Family partnered with the Jeanjean Family to take the legacy of the Gassier name forward. Currently, the fifth generation Gassier family member, Georges Gassier, is at the helm of affairs at the Chateau Gassier.

The vineyards are carefully put into parcels based on their terroir quality and the grape varietals that are grown there. Currently, Grenache and Syrah varietals are the major types of varietals, as they account for almost half of the total plantings of the Chateau Gassier Estate.

There are four main terror qualities that define the vineyards of this estate. They are:

  • Sand and loam-covered soils in the western region; ideal for growing the Syrah varietal
  • Dry and rocky soils found in the southern region; ideal for growing Grenache and Rolle
  • Deep and pebble-rich soil in the eastern region; ideal for growing the Cinsault varietal
  • Sandy, clayey and rocky soils in the northern region; ideal for growing Grenache

In the year 2016, this estate was certified as “organic”, giving a huge boost to the brand’s reputation across the globe. As part of its organic viticultural practices, this label gives a lot of importance to the soil to preserve the natural balance and aroma in the wines that are eventually produced.

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