Château Tour des Gendres

Château Tour des Gendres

About Château Tour des Gendres

Château Tour des Gendres is now known as Albert de Conti.

The Château Tour des Gendres, currently run by the third generation of the de Conti family, started operations in 1984. Their history, however, dates to the early 20th century when Vincenzo de Conti settled down with his family in South-East France in 1925. Vincenzo’s son Albert de Conti inherited the family’s agricultural business in 1956. Luc—one of the current owners, along with his wife Martine and cousin Francis, who joined the business in 1990—settled down on the farm in the 1980s. Luc went on to inherit old vines and planted new ones. Martine manages the receptions of the business, and Francis, who brought 20 hectares of vines in Grand Calliou and Saint Julien d’Eymet areas, handles the vines.

The company has been driven by innovation for over 33 years. The significant breakthroughs in the winemaking business, like the first red wine and white wine made, the first dry white from the farm, the first-time organic farming, all occurred within a short period. The innovation paid off as their wines have a worldwide following.

Some of the proud wines from Château Tour des Gendres are:

Péttilant Naturel 2020: The wine is made from 70% Sauvignon and 30% Chenin and is a naturally sparkling wine made with a conventional vinification method. The wine was bottled in September 2020, which means it is over a year old at present. With very little alcohol content, the bubbles form naturally in the wine bottle. 

Cuveé des Conti 2019: Made from a 50-40-10 ratio of Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle, the wine perfectly expresses the Semillon grapes, picked when ripe and slightly dried. It brings a balance of roundness and freshness with aromatic complexity. It gives out scents of white peach, orange flowers and acacia, and is best enjoyed with seafood. 

Anthologia 2018: With Sauvignon grapes as raw material, Anthologia 2018 brings an intense taste with a rich body, a touch of fresh fruits, long-lasting freshness and a mineral finish. The wine goes well with truffle dishes as the grapes used in the wine are grown in Truffle Oak terroir and scallops. 

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