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Clos Culombu

About Clos Culombu

The French wine label of Clos Culombu is the result of one passionate wine enthusiast from the Suzzoni family. Paul Suzzoni wanted to make the best use of the rich soil quality found in the nearby areas of Lumiu and Montegrosso and create high-quality wines from the place. As a result, he, under the able guidance of his father, planted the first Niellucciu vines here in 1973.

Within a few years, the popularity of Calvi wines increased phenomenally and the other members in his family joined the business to take the legacy forward. Today, this Domaine is spread across ​64 hectares of vines with an additional 12 hectares for olive trees and 3o hectares for cattle-grazing. The sandy-loamy soil found in these vineyards makes it one of most granitic soils in Corsica. Surrounded by seas, mountains and the Bay of Calvi all over, these vineyards are blessed with a diverse climate all through the year, which makes the grapes grown here unique every single year.

Red and white grape varietals are grown on the 64 hectares of vines, with the reds contributing to 65% of the production and the whites to 35%. Among the red grape varietals, Niellucciu and Sciaccarellu are the most common types. Apart from these, you can also find small lots of Minustellu, Muresconu, Carcaghjolu, Neru, Aleaticu, Vintaghju, Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault.

Among the white wine varietals, Vermentinu is the most commonly planted type. Apart from this, you will see small lots of other whites such as Riminese, Genovese, Cualtacciu, Brustianu, Cudiverta, Biancu Ghjentile, Carcaghjolu Biancu and Muscat Petits Grains.

The new Clos Culombu winery was constructed during 2010. Though the architecture of this winery looks simple, it is filled with modern equipment and temperature-controlled mechanisms to retain the colour, flavour and character of the fruits to the maximum possible extent from vine to bottle.

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