Domaine Antoine Jobard

Domaine Antoine Jobard

About Domaine Antoine Jobard

Domaine Antoine Jobard is a renowned French winery established in the commune of Meursault in 1860. The wine estate has remained under its founding family for five generations, with Antoine Jobard serving as the current owner. Antoine joined the operations and started working at Domaine Antoine Jobard along with his father François in 2002. In 2007, he took over the winery and started overseeing and managing its operations. Since then, he has continued the family business and legacy till date. 

Today, Domaine Antoine Jobard owns approximately seven hectares of vineyards. They remain planted primarily with Chardonnay wines. Most of these parcels lie in Meursault and enjoy the benefits and favours of the microclimate that surrounds the region. The features and qualities of the land deliver an excellent potential to the wines for their bottle-ageing process. It allows the drink to retain an exceptional flavour, aroma, mouthfeel, and taste. 

On top of that, Domaine Antoine Jobard takes all its decisions on vine-growing and winemaking uniquely. It incorporates a unique perspective and view to its judgements. It caters to a high level of flexibility. It, in turn, permits the winery to incorporate several modern techniques and practices. 

Domaine Antoine Jobard operates with the philosophy and belief that the most crucial aspect and part of the entire winemaking process lies in the vineyards. For that very reason, the winery puts in immense concentration and hard work in all the methods employed in the parcels. Domaine Antoine Jobard utilises a traditional style and system of winemaking with touches of modern technology. All the wines produced by the winery get aged for a longer duration. Domaine Antoine Jobard implements a leisurely approach to the process and prefers slow macerations. It allows the wines to acquire and retain the distinctive taste they are famous for globally.

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