Domaine Dominique Piron

Domaine Dominique Piron

About Domaine Dominique Piron

Established in Morgon by Etienne Bailly, the oldest ancestor of Dominique Piron, Domaine Dominique Piron has served under the renowned family of winegrowers, the Piron family, for fourteen generations across three centuries. The venture started with the family-owned 10-hectare land that Dominique Piron used to set his course for a bigger picture. He aspires to produce wines that represent the origin of their terroirs with their elegant, fruity, and subtle character. 

Dominique Piron is known for being the first winemaker in Morgon to purchase grapes and vinify them. In today’s time, he handles vine cultivations around the hundred hectares of land spread across the Beaujolais Villages, Chénas, and Morgon appellations. He believes in perfecting the technique of winemaking and the quality of the ultimate product over the marketing strategies and the sold numbers. This conviction revolves around all the workers at Domaine Dominique Piron. It allows for the creation and production of some of the highest quality wines. 

Domaine Dominique Piron considers the standard of the grapes to be one of the most vital factors that determine the quality of the produced wines. Hence, it handles the vineyards with extreme care by creating precise, clear, and clean cuvées. The winery does not use biodynamic or organic viticulture practices. They merely cultivate the vines as neatly as possible. The entire team works with the motto and philosophy that being in sync with nature implies cherishing it.  

The vineyards of Domaine Dominique Piron come blessed with fragmented schist and granite. The area surrounding the winery provides a perfect combination of the best elements of altitude, sunshine, and rainfall. The workers also have sustainable farming and cultivation style added to the list. These factors explain the reason behind the depth, freshness, and refreshing feel that the wines produced by Domaine Dominique Piron offer.

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