Fratelli Alessandria

Fratelli Alessandria

About Fratelli Alessandria

The story of Fratelli Alessandria remains closely associated with that of the Alessandria family and the Verduno village. The family resided in the area since the mid-years of the 19th century. It was here that they established the winery in 1870 and named it Fratelli Alessandria. 

At the time of the winery’s setup, the village of Verduno was the centre of winemaking in the commune of Barolo. In this place, several families crafted and created their dry Nebbiolo wines for the first time. They prepared the beverages using a modern style and bottled them individually instead of using casks. This action led to the international recognition of the village as the face of winemaking in Barolo. It led to it getting sought out by interested collectors throughout Europe. 

Today, the two Alessandria brothers, Alessandro and Gian Battista lead further developments and undertakings in the region. Vittore, Alessandro’s son, helps them in their venture. Their hard work and tireless efforts have allowed Fratelli Alessandria to produce wines that have a complex nature with a structure laden with finesse. However, the drinks do not exert an overwhelming heaviness, pleasing the palate of many worldwide. The Alessandria family ensures that each wine created by their winery are unique. They aim to deliver, express, and reflect the authentic essence of their forefathers and the terroir. 

The vineyards owned by Fratelli Alessandria have sandy-chalk soil with some clay and sand. It even comes with a high limestone concentration. It gets coupled with the presence of the Tanaro River that runs below the winery. Such environmental factors serve as a blessing to the growth of the grapevines and the maturation of the fruits. Additionally, Fratelli Alessandria follows an organic practice of agriculture. These conditions give the wines of the village their trademark charm, aroma, and softness.

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