Hay Shed Hill

Hay Shed Hill

About Hay Shed Hill

The Western Australian wine label of Hay Shed Hill is located in Wilyabrup, found inside the Margaret River wine region. The vineyard is situated on a property that was originally a place where the soldiers who returned from the First World War got settled with their families. Here, vines were first planted during the early 1970s.

By the 1980s, the Hay Shed Hill was purchased by the Morrison Family. During the year 1997, this wine label also introduced its sister brand, Pitchfork. By the year 2006, the vineyard was bought back by a group of partners who have been managing the Hay Shed Hill winery beautifully till date. 

The vineyards of Hay Shed Hill are located in the valley of Wilyabrup, just about 5km from the Indian Ocean. Therefore, it enjoys the benefits of the sea breeze that cools it down throughout the day, even during the hot afternoons. 

The hilly area of the vineyards along with the cool climate makes this place ideal for growing the white wine varietal of Chardonnay. The steepness of the vineyards makes them ideal for growing Cabernet Sauvignon. Only small yields of fruits are grown here, which improves the quality of the vines.

The wines from this label are classified into various categories. They are:

Block Series – These wines are made from grapes grown in small lots from individual blocks on the main vineyard.

Vineyard Series – These wines are made from grapes grown in their main vineyard located in Wilyabrup.

World Series/ White Label – These are wines made from grapes that are not very commonly known in Australia. Unique wines find a place in this category.

Pitchfork – The sister brand of Hay Shed Hill, these wines are colourful and aromatic.

Kerrigan + Berry – These are wines crafted by two expert winemakers, Gavin Berry of West Cape Howe and Michael Kerrigan of Hay Shed Hill.

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