Isolabella della Croce

Isolabella della Croce

About Isolabella della Croce

Located in the smallest DOC of Italy’s Alta Langa area, Loazzolo, the Isolabella della Croce is a family-owned wine brand, known for its exclusive and rare quality of sweet wines. Moscato grapes, grown exclusively in this region, are used for creating these amazingly sweet wines.  The family’s passion for winemaking has resulted in making the brand a well-respected name in the list of organic and biodynamic wine producers in the world today.

The vineyards of Isolabella are located at an average altitude of 480 to 540m above sea level, thereby ensuring that the vines are exposed to considerable air and light. The cold Alpine sea winds play a big role in ensuring that the grapes grown here have thick skins and concentrated flavours. You will find fine marne, calcareous and sandy soils in most of the places here, which makes it great for cultivating grape varietals such as Moscato, Brachetto and Pinot Nero.

Some of the most popular and unique wines produced in this region are the following:

  • Augusta - Made from 100% Barbera grapes Nizza, grown in the Isolabella Estate
  • Superlodo - Made from Barbera, Pinot Nero, Merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes grown in the family’s estate only
  • Bricco del Falco - Made from Pinot Nero, grown and bottled in the estate
  • Trentasei - Made from Brachetto grape varietals cultivated near the high Loazzolo Hills
  • Maria Teresa - Made from barbera grapes grown in the estate, in the areas of Loazzolo and Calamandrana
  • Solio - Made from Moscato grapes grown in Loazzolo
  • Le Marne - Made from a blend of Barbera Nebbiolo and Dolcetto di Loazzolo varietals
  • Solum - Made from Chardonnay grapes
  • Valdiserre - Made from Moscato Bianco

There are more varieties of wine produced in this small region of Italy than what we have mentioned here. Regardless of the type and varietal used, the family’s mission is to respect the land and the fruit.

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