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La Fiorita

About La Fiorita

Established in 1992, La Fiorita began as a project and ambition of the winemaker, Robert Cipresso, with his two native friends. The first vineyard extended over half a hectare and had an annual production of merely 1000 Brunello bottles. Its cellar remained located in an 18th-century building’s basement in the heart of Castelnuovo Abate, a medieval town of the region. The winery gradually increased the number of vineyards it owned. The plantation of the first vineyard got followed by that of the Poggio al Sole and then the Pian Bossolino. It led to an increment in the number of bottles of produced wine to 25,000 per year. It also allowed La Fiorita to divide and separate the Riserva and Brunello. 

In 2011, the ownership and management of La Fiorita got handed over to Natalie Oliveros. Since then, it has received and worked on multiple projects that hold long-term significance. Under Natalie’s leadership, the winery has managed to move its Estate to receive organic certification. Together with Louis Camilleri, her business partner, she constructed a cartina. They created the structure by combining the required tools with sharp architecture to create an environment where the wines can age and vinify adequately. This gravity-fed two-level cartina got completed for the harvest in 2019. Today, it cements the foundation of La Fiorita’s future. The winery takes no shortcuts or compromises to ensure the best translation and transition from plant to wine. It follows modern and traditional viticulture techniques and practices to enhance the quality of the drinks.  

From its foundation, La Fiorita has always sought perfection concerning the aromatic complexity and longevity of the wines they produce. Through its productions, the winery aims to illustrate and showcase a magical harmony. It wishes to portray the accord between the climate, diverse terroirs, and the grapevines.

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