M. Chapoutier - Domaine Tournon

M. Chapoutier - Domaine Tournon

About M. Chapoutier - Domaine Tournon

M Chapoutier company cannot be mentioned without touching on 1808. This is where the journey began. This was over 2 centuries ago when Calvet et Compagnie was created. The premises were handed over to Octave Calvet and Frederic Vogelgesang and the two were partners up to 1878. Rodolphe Delepine bought the company in 1883 and in 1897, he joined forces with Marius Chapoutier to set up a company called Delepine et Chapoutier where they exported wines to Germany, Switzerland, and Holland. 

After the retirement of Rodolphe Delepine in 1922, Marius changed the company name to Chapoutier et compagnie. Over time, the company continued expanding with new acquisitions and new setups. After his death, Marc Chapoutier, his son took over the business. To personalise the business, Marc altered the name to M. Chapoutier, the name it still bears to date. 

Michael Chapoutier made the first plot selections in 1989. He started heading the company in 1990 and started doing biodynamic cultivation which he was passionate about. He bought his first winegrowing estate in Australia in 1998 and in 2000, another estate in France, the Roussillon area. 

An installation was made in Alsace, and a new production site was inaugurated in Tain l’Hermitage in 2009. More acquisitions and installations were made in different parts until today. 

A new generation has already joined the company to help perpetuate the family business tradition while sharing the world wine vision. Michel Chapoutier is still at the realm and he always tries to reflect and discover the potential of all his terroirs to help express the true culture of the soil. 

Michel works on revealing terroirs and creates them even in places where most people would not try. In Portugal, Australia, Roussillon, and Maison, he has made great strides and revealed different terroirs which makes the company stand out. He always works on discovering the climate, the solid and the region and utilising it in the best way possible to create terroirs.

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