About Montirius

Located in France's Rhone Valley region, Montirius is a family-owned estate that operates from some of the richest French appellations, such as, AOC Vacqueyras, Gigondas and Cotes-du-Rhone. The family's estate stretches across 63 acres, and it got certified as a biodynamic wine estate in 1996. Some of the areas of Montirius domain are:

Montirius AOC Vacqueyras

Located in the Vacqueyras village in the Plateaus des Garrigues region, this domain covers an area of 24 hectares. 70% of the vineyard is planted with Grenache vines and the remaining 30% is planted with Syrah. The Garrigues soils with their blue clayey tints make it ideal for growing these varietals with full elegance.

Montirius Le Clos AOC Vacqueyras

Located right at the start of the Garrigues Plateau, this vineyard covers an area of 8.5 hectares. The first vines were planted here in the year, 1989. Considered as one of the most beautiful and unique terroirs of this plateau, this vineyard has equal amount of area dedicated to growing Grenache and Syrah varietals.

Montirius AOC Gigondas

This vineyard covers an area of 16 hectares, out of which 8 are planted with very old vines. Here, the first vines were planted as early as 1925.  This 16-hectare vineyard is neatly segregated into 3 slots – 10, 3 and 3. The first 10-hectare parcel has a blend of alluvium, Helvetian sand and sandstone soils. The second 3-hectare parcel has limestone-rich soil. The third 3-hectare parcel contains red clayey soils. Grenache is grown on 80% of the vineyards here, while Mourvedre vines cover the remaining 20% of the vineyards.

Montirius AOC Cotes Du Rhone

This is a 5-hectare vineyard that covers the regions of Sarrians and Sablet villages. Ancient Grenache vines are planted on 100% of this vineyard. 

Montirius Vin De Pays De Vaucluse

This consists of a 7-hectare parcel that is planted with Grenache, Syrah and Merlot vines. It also comprises a 1.5-hectare parcel that contains 100% Syrah vines.

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