Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant

About Mount Pleasant

The history and story of Mount Pleasant remain closely knit with the origin and improvement of modern winemaking techniques and practices in Australia. The winery incorporates a traditional approach to vine-growing and wine production. Nonetheless, it implements and uses state-of-the-technologies and contemporary methods and procedures to obtain the best results as superior and world-class wines.

Mount Pleasant’s venture began in 1880 when Charles King planted grapevines in the Old Hill Vineyard. The land’s superior volcanic soil supported and promoted the growth and development of numerous vine varieties, including the Shiraz harvested by the winery today. The vineyard came under the ownership of Maurice O’Shea in 1921. Maurice shifted to France in 1914 to study Viticulture and Oenology at the reputed Montpellier University and Institute of Agronomique in the Grignon commune in Paris. He purchased the Old Hill Vineyard with two additional parcels surrounding the land with Léontine, his mother, and Jack, his brother. After the acquisition, Maurice named the estate Mount Pleasant. Moreover, he planted a new vineyard, calling it Old Paddock. The Pinot Noir that Maurice planted on Mount Pleasant’s plots in 1921 has now become Australia’s oldest Pinot Noir vineyard.

The property and estate of Mount Pleasant extend and expands over several vineyards. It consists of Lovedale, Rosehill, Old Hill, and Old Paddock. The vineyards got selected for their superior qualities that promote and facilitate the development and growth of excellent grapevines that can yield top-class fruits. For instance, the Rosehill vineyard and area got chosen for its outstanding volcanic loam soil.

The superior quality and standard of the parcels and terroirs owned by Mount Pleasant allow the winery to produce some of the best wines available on the international and domestic markets. They have a delectable flavour and aroma and go well with most cuisine and dishes.

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