About Nicolis

The Italian, family-owned wine company of Nicolis was founded in the year 1951 because of the love the family had towards the rich lands of Valpolicella. Located in the heart of Cariano's San Pietro region, Nicolis wines are made with great care and respect for the land where the grapes are cultivated.

The rich and classic Valpolicella village is located near the Verona region. With the Lessini Mountains and Lake Garda in its vicinity, this area is blessed with unique blend of cool & warm breezes, which make it one of the best places for growing vines in Italy. This area comprises of five wine-rich villages where the Nicolis family practices traditional and authentic winemaking techniques.

These villages include Fumane, Marano, Sant’Ambrogio, Negrar and San Pietro. The vineyards here are located at different altitudes. Their soil quality is diverse and they have different climatic conditions. Therefore, they are ideal for growing different grape varietals of intense flavours and characteristics. The winemaking process followed in the winery here is an art in itself.

The fruits are harvested by hand, where they are destemmed very gently. For the maceration and fermentation processes, temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks are used to retain the flavour and aroma of the grapes. Since Amarone and Recioto are the flagship wines from Nicolis, the grapes used for them are given special attention.

These grapes are allowed to dry naturally for about 3 months so that elements such as sugar, glycerine and other necessary aromas build up in the fruits seamlessly. The experts, then wait for the winter season to ferment the grapes. For the Amarone wines, the grapes are matured for 30 months, whereas the maturation period is 6 months only for the Recioto wines. The Ambrosan Amarone wine is the flagship product of this label. This rich, red wine is made from select Amarone grapes grown in the Ambrosan vineyard.

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