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Located in the Montagne de Reims area of France, the Palmer & Co. Wine brand was created in 1947. This was when seven expert winegrowers who owned the vineyards of Premier and Grand Cru vineyards got together to form this brand. This group kept growing in its size as it kept acquiring one cellar after another in a short time. Currently, there are over 200 hectares of land that are under the control of Palmer & Co. Wines.

One of the major highlights of this brand is that its ageing process is quite longer than most of its counterparts and also more than the time mentioned by the law. You might be surprised to know that Palmer & Co. Wines ages its non-vintage bottles for around 4 years, vintage bottles for around 5 to 8 years and a magnum variety for about 10 years, though the legal requirement for these varieties is about 2 to 3 years only.

Some of the vineyards that belong to the Montagne de Reims area include the ones at Cote de Sezanne, Cote des Bar and Marne Valley. The grapes are cultivated here in such a way that maximum respect is provided to the environment and the farmers who are actively involved in the cultivation of the vines. 

The wines crafted at Palmer & Co. are true representations of the exceptional quality of the grapes grown in the sprawling vineyards here. While the Chardonnays impress you with their freshness and purity, the Pinot Noir varietals are bound to surprise you with their power and flavour. The Pinot Meunier grown here is quite mature and full-bodied, as experienced in the wines that are made from them. The wines of Palmer & Co. are known for their natural elegance, simple yet sophisticated nature and elegance that lasts for many years.

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