Pascal Jolivet

Pascal Jolivet

About Pascal Jolivet

The story and history of Pascal Jolivet remain closely linked with the Jolivet family. The Jolivet family entered the wine industry in 1926 with the creation of the Société de négoce Jolivet et fils and has remained a prominent name ever since. The venture for the winery began with Lucien and Louis Jolivet, eminent cellar masters who worked at Château de Tracy. They handled and sold wine primarily in the French AOP of Sancerre.

The story continues with Lucien’s son, Jacques Jolivet. Jacques was renowned for developing a beverage distribution structure and managing him. He considered wine his love and passion, delving into its production and various other aspects. On top of that, he recommended Pascal, his son, to become an agent and work for the renowned Pommery Champagne House when he was 22. The latter still represents the organisation even today. Besides that, Jacques acquired “Les Grands Vins du Val de Loire”, a small trading business, in 1983. He passed down its management to Pascal when the latter was 25. It allowed the family’s business and legacy in the wine industry to grow even further.

Pascal Jolivet got established in 1987 by Jacques’ son, Pascal. It came about because Pascal required a better space and infrastructure to produce his distinct wines. The need to grow his wine production scale compelled Pascal to invest in setting up a cellar space in Sancerre in 1990. He equipped it with state-of-the-art technology, including stainless steel vats with temperature control features. Such additions to the winery allowed Pascal Jolivet to develop, produce, and sell superior wines.

Today, the property and estate of Pascal Jolivet expands and extends over 120 hectares. The vineyards lie between Pouilly Fumé and Sancerre. Besides that, the winery owns 60 hectares of land in Touraine dedicated to producing Attitude.

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