Paul Jaboulet Aine

Paul Jaboulet Aine

About Paul Jaboulet Aine

The Paul Jaboulet Aine winery is considered to be one of the finest wine estates in history for various reasons. During 1834, Antoine Jaboulet, visited a small piece of land on the La Chapelle vineyard, overlooking the Rhone River, in the Northern Rhone valley in France. Though the area was a sleepy and calm town replete with natural extravaganza and serenity all around, it made the wine expert in Jaboulet to sit up and take a close look at the place to understand its winemaking potential.

The winemaking legacy was carried forward by the next generations of Jaboulet and today the place has grown so much that there are 120 hectares in all in this winery. However, these are not the only places from where the winery produces its wine. Grapes are cultivated on around 26 other appellations in the Rhone Valley and they are used for making high-quality and premium quality of wines. 

In the year 2006, a member of the Frey family, Jean-Jacques Frey acquired the winery of Paul Jaboulet Aine. Since the Frey family was already a well-known name in the French winemaking industry, the popularity of this winery increased phenomenally. Today, the winery is being managed by the eldest daughter of the Frey family, Caroline. Ever since she took over, there has been a lot fo improvement in the ambience of the winery.

A blend of more than two varieties of grapes is used to make the wines in the winery. Close to 70% Grenache, 15% Cinsault, 10% Syrah and 5% Mourvedre are used to making the Les Cadres wines. The de Terre Ferme variety of wine is made using a blend of 80% Grenache and 20% Mourvedre. Currently, the Paul Jaboulet Aine winery makes close to 11500 wines cases per year. The wines are usually aged for 12 months in this winery.

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