Pio Cesare

Pio Cesare

About Pio Cesare

The origin of Pio Cesare wines can be traced back to 1881. An affluent businessman, Pio Cesare, started this wine brand in 1881, as he wanted to produce limited quantity of wines for himself and his closed ones. He wanted to make the most of the fertile regions on the hills of Barolo and Barbaresco and create special wines from here. However, with every year, his passion for winemaking increased multifold. 

By the beginning of the 20th century, he traveled to Europe to promote and spread awareness about Pio Cesare wines to the other countries. Pio’s passport was one of the first ones to be released by the Italian Government, when he had to travel to Europe! His son, Guiseppe Pio, took over the affairs of Pio Cesare wines in the 20th century, and he ensured that his company became a true representation of wines from the Alba region of Italy.

This label takes great pride in the fact that its vineyards (70 hectares) located in the unique locations of Barolo and Barbaresco have earned a place in the prestigious, “Additional Geographical Mentions”. These vineyards are located in different appellations to create wines that speak volumes about the rich terroirs.

The family owns 31.78 hectares of vineyards in Barolo, out of which more than 20 hectares are dedicated to growing Nebbiolo da Barolo. In the Barbaresco region, around 14 of the 26.90 hectares are dedicated to growing Nebbiolo da Barbaresco. Since 1881, this family-owned wine estate keeps producing some of the most elegant Barolo, Barbaresco and Albesi wines, following the same philosophy and techniques.  The estate is currently under the management of the fifth-generation members of Pio Cesare, They keep travelling to over 50 countries to spread the history and culture of their wines to wine lovers and connoisseurs spread across the globe.

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