About Plantagenet

Located at Mount Barker in Western Australia’s Great Southern wine region, Plantagenet is a very famous Australian winery that was established in 1975. When Tony Smith identified the exact location in Mount Barker for opening his winery, the place was nothing but an apple picking shed. The complex character of Plantagenet wines is mainly because of the unique Marri soils found in this region. Marri is the Red Gum trees that grow in plenty in this area.

The vineyards from where grapes are sourced for creating Plantagenet wines are spread across 126 hectares. Limestone-rich soil with a base of gravel, stone or ironstone rock is predominantly found in this area. Due to the vineyards’ proximity to the Southern Ocean, they experience a cool and pleasant climate all through the year. The evening sea breezes and cold nights contribute to the full-bodied and high-acidic nature of the wines created here.

Here are the vineyards that are used for growing grapes for making Plantagenet Wines:

Bouverie – This was the first vineyard that was established by the Plantagenet Estate. It was founded in 1968 and named after Tony Smith’s mother. There are totally 9 hectares under vine here. Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are grown here.

Wyjup – Planted in 1971, this vineyard contains 21 hectares under vine. This is the main area that provides grapes for the signature Wyjup Collection & Plantagenet Range of wines.

Crystal Brook – Located close to Rocky Horror and planted in 1988, this vineyard contains 17 hectares under vine.

Rocky Horror – Planted in 1999, this vineyard is located quite close to Mount Barker. Here, 32 hectares are under vine.

Rosetta – This is the latest vineyard that was acquired by the Plantagenet group. It was originally a farm before it was purchased in 2001. Here, the climate and soil are drier than all of the above vineyards. Close to 24 hectares are under vine in this vineyard.

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