About Redman

The history of Redman starts with William (Bill) Redman. He arrived in Coonawarra in 1901 from avenue range. He was only 14 years old at the time, and he got work at a winery owned by John Riddoch. Bill worked there up to 1908 and took the time to learn the craft under Ewen McBain, a respected winemaker. 

In 1908, Bill, together with his family, bought 16 hectares in Coonawarra. There were vineyards there. To help with payment, he sold the vintage grapes of that year to Riddoch. His first wine was made in 1909. This was done in some rudimentary conditions. The wine was sold off in bulk. 

Owen Redman, Bill’s son, joined the business in 1937. At that time, they were still selling wine to other wineries. Their wine was of good quality, and that is why it continued growing and became reputable. This led to a rise in demand for wine. 

It was not until 1952 that the Redmans decided to release some of their own wine under the Rouge Homme label. This was the 1952 vintage. Their first wine was a blend of shiraz and sauvignon. This label and winery were sold in 1965. When he retired, his son Owen and Edna, his wife, bought 16 ha block from Arthur Hoffman. 

In 1966, Edna and Owen started the Redman wines. Between 1966 and 1976, the holding was boosted to 36 hectares. Owen passed the mantle to his son's Mal and Bruce. They took up the responsibilities of winemaking. 

By 1992, the company was still making limited wines. There were 2 reds, Redman claret and Redman sauvignon but they introduced cabernet sauvignon merlot in small quantities. Dan joined the family business in 2008. He is Bruce’s son and represents the fourth generation. He joined exactly one century after his great-grandfather made the first wine, and his younger brother came on board in 2015. 

The family still grows grapes in their vineyards and makes wine, following what Bill Redman had initiated many years back. The family's success and tradition are upheld and may still be alive for years.

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