Rhys Vineyards

Rhys Vineyards

About Rhys Vineyards

Founded in 2004, Rhys Vineyards was established by Kevin Harvey. Kevin was a passionate and ambitious wine collector famous in the wine region of Burgundy. Long before the winery’s launching, he made close associations and friendships with several well-renowned domains in the department of Cotes d’Or. It allowed him to access a few of his friends’ properties and study the soil chemistry, depth, structure, and overall terroir climate of those lands. 

Harvey collected the information when he initially got the idea of planting his Pinot Noir grapevines. He utilized the details to look around and find the best lands and sites around California where he could realise his dreams. He carefully analysed the characteristics of each plot to determine their quality. His extensive search ended with the rocky and rugged parcel in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

Today, Rhys Vineyards possesses seven vineyards. Six of them remain in the Santa Cruz Mountains. On the other hand, the last one lies in Anderson Valley. Each of them produces compelling, soil-drive, distinctive, and superior-quality wines that serve as the benchmark of all winemakers producing Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah. The winery works with the mission of maintaining their high standards and even achieving a higher note of elegance and uniqueness in their drinks. 

Rhys Vineyards operates with the belief that the actual quality of wine resides with the vineyard instead of the winery. Because of that, the parcels owned by the winery function with an extensive viticultural approach. They get based on biodynamic and organic farming practices. 

Rhys Vineyards wishes to accomplish a biologically diverse and vibrant ecosystem surrounding their vineyards. They aim to achieve so while sustaining the natural balance of the environment. Additionally, they implement a philosophy and method of minimal interference and intervention in the winemaking process following their objective.

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