About Spier

The artistic Spier winery is located close to the South African town of Stellenbosch. The history of this beautiful and sprawling winery dates back to as early as 1692, which makes it one of the most ancient wineries in South Africa. The winery is a wonderful spot to enjoy a picnic with your family and friends because it is not just filled with wine-producing areas, but also contains a hotel, restaurant, exhibition, art gallery and a family farm to provide you enough entertainment for the day.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of this winery in full form, you can choose one from the many wine-tasting tours that the place offers you. Spier Tasting, Chocolate & Wine Tasting, Winemaker Selection and Children’s Grape Juice Tasting are the tours you get to choose from. For the wines tasting, you get to enjoy small portions of the premium wines made in the winery. The organic red wine, First Stone, which forms part of the exclusive winemaker selection tour, is a must-try.

The beauty of this winery is that the wines are created here with excellent precision, without causing any disturbance to the environment. Cellar Master Frances Smit joined the winery in 1996 and he is one of the major reasons for the transformation of this small Stellebosch unit into one of the award-winning, reputed wineries that it is today.

One of the collections popular in the Spier Winery is the Signature Collection. The wines in this range are made from the choicest of grapes that contain unique flavours are processed in such a way that their original character is retained in the wines. The cellars of this winery are designed in such a way that the grapes are fermented with as little external interference as possible. Fully open fermenters, barrels made from French Oak and the usage of ceramic eggs make the wine-making process as organic as possible.

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