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The wines of Tinos Island in Greece have a very rich history and heritage. The first signs of viticulture were noticed here as early as 4000BC. By 1768, the island was home to producing at least 20 different types of wines. As of 2019, there are over 13 hectares of privately-owned vineyards in this number. This number is expected to go up to 17 hectares in 2025. Also, the number of organic vines planted on this island is expected to go up to 120,000 from 80,000, which is the number currently.

Alexander Avatangelos and Gerard Margeon started this small wine estate located right on top of a rock in the Tinos island, near the Aegean Sea. Their aim was to make stylish wines from the indigenous grape varietals of Greece. They have been making complex and rare wines till today, and have put Greek wines on the international market.

The details of vineyards found on this island are:

Stegasta Plateau – 8 hectares are dedicated to growing the white varietal, Assyrtiko here. The sandy soils are filled with granite bedrocks here. Another small parcel with the same quality of soil is dedicated to growing the red varietal, Mavrotragano varietal.

Rassonas Terraces – 3 hectares are dedicated to growing the red varietal, Mavrotragano varietal on the clay schist soils here.

Agios Dimitros Terraces – 2 hectares are dedicated to growing the red varietals, Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis vines on the schist and sandy soils here. This parcel is exposed to the sun for a long time, leading to full-bodied nature of the fruits.

For the white wines, the fruits are pressed in bunches, where they are aged in big wooden barrels, where they are aged on lees for 7 to 11 months. For the reds, the fruits with their whole clusters are aged in temperature-controlled vats or stainless steel tanks for 8 to 16months.

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