Tenuta di Bibbiano

Tenuta di Bibbiano

About Tenuta di Bibbiano

Established in 1865, Tenuta di Bibbiano resides in the historical region of Chianti in the Castellina municipality in Italy. The winery overlooks the Elsa Valley and faces towards the Monteriggioni castle. It tells the tale of the immense determination and tireless efforts of its founder, Giulio Gambelli.

Giulio Gambelli was a famed winemaker of his time. He was renowned for his famous and long-standing relationships with Case Basse di Soldera and Montevertine. Their association and alliance with Gambelli that continued for decades still gets represented and expressed in the wines produced by Tenuta di Bibbiano. The drinks bring out the unique character of the traditional approach and technique of winemaking and their commitment to perfection. In recent times, Federico and Tommaso Marrocchesi Marzi are the fifth generation of the founding family. They manage and handle the working and operations of the winery. 

The vineyards owned by Tenuta di Bibbiano cover a total area of approximately 25 hectares. They lie at an elevation that ranges between 270 meters to 300 meters above sea level. These features allow the grapevines planted in the plots to receive a desirable amount of sunshine and sunlight exposure. It creates a beneficial macroclimate. The vines are primarily of the two grape varieties of Sangiovese Grosso and Sangiovese. Nevertheless, Colorino also gets planted in small quantities. 

Harvesting in Tenuta di Bibbiano gets done by hand. It allows for a careful separation and selection of only the highest standard grapes. The vinification process varies depending on the position of the vineyards on the slopes. The winery follows a sustainable and organic system of agriculture to minimise the damage to the natural quality of the land. Tenuta di Bibbiano also promotes conservative renovation of the estate and the farms. It ensures the preservation of its human and architectural heritage.

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