Tenuta Ulisse

Tenuta Ulisse

About Tenuta Ulisse

The establishment of Tenuta Ulisse was in 2006 during the winemaking reinvigoration and reawakening that took over the Abruzzo region of Southern Italy at that time. The venture of the winery began with the dreams and aspirations of two brothers, Antonio and Luigi. Initially, the place never had any reputation for its high quality and standard of wines. Nevertheless, it did not have a poor standing at the very least.

Tenuta Ulisse reformed the land or its origin, making it one of the most notable places in the wine industry of Italy. In addition to that, the winery approached and performed all its work and tasks with substantial passion and dedication. Its ambitious and enthusiastic nature allowed it to reach and attain the state and fame that it has today within a time of a mere ten years.

At the time of its establishment, Tenuta Ulisse did what most new wine estates and companies do. The winery collected old traditions and practices worth a few centuries that defined and expressed the region. It then incorporated and applied those different and diverse ideas to the conventional methods to create wines that can attract and entice a broad assortment and range of people. Since the beginning, Tenuta Ulisse showed qualities and hallmarks to prove that it can become one of the best winemakers and producers of the region. It is precisely what the winery did. 

Tenuta Ulisse did so by dedicating a considerable portion of its resources to understanding the Abruzzo terroir. Additionally, the winery worked to revive the awareness, usage, and fame of a few ancient varieties of grapes. Most of them had fallen out of grace and favour of the Italian wine business and industry for several years. Such grapevines consisted of Pecorino, Passerina e Cococciola, Trebbiano D’Abruzzo, and D’Abruzzo.

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