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About Thorne & Daughters

Thorne and Daughters was started by John and Tasha Seccombe in Western Cape in 2012 to produce authentic wines. After traveling around the world, the couple returned to Western Cape, where they first met to venture into the winemaking business. The couple's love for Western Cape and its air and sunshine can be experienced in each bottle from Thorne and Daughters. 

The couple has drawn inspiration from South Africa's history of winemaking and combine innovation with tradition by putting together new grape varieties with old vineyard parcels and making wines the old way but with a modern twist. With every bottle from Thorne and Daughters, John and Tasha tell the story of the Cape of Good Hope.

The proud wine productions of wine from Thorne and Daughters include: 

Rocking Horse 2020: This Cape White Blend wine is a signature wine from Thorne and Daughters. Made from grapes from Western Cape's finest vineyards, the wine comes with a broad, intensive palette made of yellow plums and honeybush. The wine is complemented by notes of wild honey and hay with aromas of nut brittle, along with a gun-flint smokiness and long, full-bodied finish.

Paper Kite 2020: The Semillons Blanc and Gris wine pays homage to the Semillon variety of grapes, on which the modern wine industry was built but is now rarely used. Thorne and Daughters makes the wine from the few Semillon vineyards in South Africa. A vineyard in Swartland, which is over 57-years old, is where the grapes used in the wine are sourced. The wine has the scents of nutmegs, chestnuts and nougats and the wild rocket pepperiness. Yellow melon and marzipan notes provide a rounded palette and a citrus-enhanced structure. 

Cat's Cradle 2020: The wine uses Swartland Chenin Blanc, a grape variety prized worldwide. The grapes are picked and handled carefully as the grapes' acidity can fall due to the region's granite-based soils. Nevertheless, the end product is worth all the labor that went into making it. The wine has aromas of quince, poached pear and lemon thyme, and delicate texture with wet stone notes and bright acidity meet the drinker at the mouth. 

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