Weingut Heinrichshof

Weingut Heinrichshof

About Weingut Heinrichshof

Located in the reputed village and wine region named Mosel, Weingut Heinrichshof is an exceedingly famous winery in the Zeltingen municipality in Germany. Since 2014, the wine estate has remained under the management and ownership of brothers Ulrich and Peter Griebeler. It is one of the few properties in Mosel that operates and functions with a focus and aim of producing dry Riesling.

The parcels and terroirs of Weingut Heinrichshof extend and expand over 20 acres of land. They remain dedicated to the planting, harvesting, and cultivation of Riesling grapevine varieties primarily. Nonetheless, the winery deals with and handles a few other grape types. The chief and predominant vineyard sites of Weingut Heinrichshof remain confined to the Zeltingen municipality. They remain spread over the regions or areas of Schlossberg, Sonnenuhr, and Himmelreich. All the lands and parcels owned by the winery are of the highest quality and promote and facilitate the growth and development of healthy and superior grapevines. It, in turn, allows the vines to bear or yield excellent grapes with rich colour, flavour, and sweetness. 
Generally, the steep slopes encompassing the Mosel town have conventionally remained dedicated to producing sweeter wine styles and varieties. However, Weingut Heinrichshof has brought a new concept and era. It has started developing Riesling wines with thrilling energy, detail, and lightness. However, the winery ensures that its drinks do not possess any austerity and remain affordable so that people of all social strata can enjoy them.

Weingut Heinrichshof employs viticulture by hand in its fields. The winery minimises the usage of chemicals and heavy machinery to ensure that the land preserves and expresses its natural qualities through the wines. On top of that, the wine estate implements an organic system of cultivation and viticulture to reduce the impact on nature and the environment.

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