Wine Club

Wine Club

Our wine club is NOW LIVE and we’d love you to be part of it. What we offer:

There are four great packages for you to choose from, either for yourself or as a gift.

  1. The Vinvm Membership - We offer a set price annual subscription for £59.95 that will give members a 10% discount code across all purchases, member only offers providing small batch wines and also a nice bottle sent out to enjoy on your birthday. 
  2. The Wine Lover - Once a month you will receive a selection of hand picked wines, tasted and selected by the team. This case will offer excellent value with Club Member special prices applied and small parcel wines. From time to time we will also include a lucky dip, top end vintage wine to case members. When signing up to this membership, you will be able to tell us what wines you like so we can create each case to your liking. This can be as broad as 'I love reds' to 'my favourite wine is a South African Pinot Noir, please send me these and similar'. Price can be set dependant on your desires.
  3. The Occasional Tippler - This package is ideal if you enjoy a glass every now and again, or like to have something nice in the cupboard at all times. Every quarter we will deliver a selection of wines, personalised to your taste and budget. 
  4. The Special Dates Package - For this package, you can select up to 6 special dates per year and set your bottle spend. I.e. if your wedding anniversary is on the 3rd of July, we will ensure you have a nice bottle to enjoy on the night, or if your mother in law's birthday is the 28th of September, rest assured a gift boxed bottle will arrive in time giving you the peace of mind these dates will never be forgotten again.

All membership types will receive occasional special offers reserved only for our members which will offer fantastic quality, as well as fantastic value. 

To be part of it or to find out more, please click here.

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