Nerello Cappuccio

Nerello Cappuccio

Nerello Cappuccio, also known as Nerello Mantellato, is a red grape variety that hails from the beautiful island of Sicily in Italy. This ancient and indigenous grape is primarily grown on the eastern side of Mount Etna, an active volcano with rich volcanic soils which greatly contribute to the unique character of the grape.

The Nerello Cappuccio grape is known for its thin skins and high acidity, resulting in elegant and vibrant wines. It is often blended with its more renowned sibling, Nerello Mascalese, to create complex and well-structured wines that reflect the volcanic terroir they come from.

In terms of appearance, Nerello Cappuccio grapes showcase a dark, ruby-red hue, and the resulting wines tend to have a similar color. On the nose, these wines reveal aromas of cherries, raspberries, and wild berries, with hints of delicate floral and herbal notes.

When it comes to taste, Nerello Cappuccio wines are smooth and velvety on the palate, offering a medium body with refined tannins. The acidity of this grape brings freshness and vibrancy, making it an excellent choice for food pairing. Some common food pairings include roasted lamb, grilled game meats, tomato-based pasta dishes, and aged cheeses.

One of the notable qualities of Nerello Cappuccio is its ability to age gracefully. With proper cellaring, these wines develop further complexity and take on tertiary characteristics like dried fruits, earthiness, and subtle spice notes over time.

Though less widely planted and celebrated than its sibling, Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio is gaining recognition among wine enthusiasts for its unique expression and potential for greatness. The volcanic soils and the altitude of the vineyards on the slopes of Mount Etna contribute to the quality and distinctiveness of the wines produced from this grape.

If you are an adventurous wine lover, seeking something different and exquisitely Sicilian, a wine made from the Nerello Cappuccio grape is worth exploring. Its combination of vibrant acidity, elegant structure, and the volcanic influence offers a truly distinctive experience that encapsulates the captivating terroir of Sicily's Mount Etna.

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