About Corofin

The story of Corofin remains closely knit with the history and ventures of the Paterson family. The two remain linked inextricably through the means of different and distinct places and people. The Corofin village located on the Fergus River in the county of Clare in Ireland served as the home and origin of Clifton House. It was the residence and home of Marcus Joseph Paterson. He lived there with his family before they immigrated to New Zealand. 

Hence, Corofin village served as the spiritual home of the Paterson family. It has gotten recognised as so by each generation. In addition to that, it has been the case since Marcus settled in Hawkes Bay with his family in 1927. It was here that the current owner, Mike’s, parents built their life fundamentally. They made a living from the land itself, fostering a deep connection with the environment. On top of that, they developed a healthy and necessary respect and appreciation for the land. For that reason, they implemented and incorporated various farming methods and values that inflicted minimal damage to the environment. 

Present owners Mike and Anna have lived and toiled in Marlborough for a long time, gaining considerable knowledge and experience producing Marlborough wines. Nevertheless, he had a goal and desire of establishing their winery that operated with authenticity and no compromise on quality. Their ambition transformed into Corofin and its expressive wines. The drinks deliver a perfect balance of flavour and aroma that come with the ability and capability of leaving everyone mesmerised. 

Today, the image or label we see on the bottles of the wines produced by Corofin represents the crest of the Paterson family. It remains rendered there using a classic and conventional engraved style. It symbolises the extensive connection between the future and the past generations.

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