La Spinetta

La Spinetta

About La Spinetta

The journey of La Spinetta started in the early years of the 1960s with Giuseppe Rivetti and Lidia, his wife. The two were dedicated and expert farmers who held a colossal amount of knowledge and appreciation for the tradition of cultivation and winemaking. They also possessed immense curiosity and interest in knowing what the future holds. Giuseppe and Lidia exemplified respect, humility, and ambition in their work and passion. The values they hold dear define and signify the philosophy of the winery of La Spinetta to this day. 

As the generations progressed, the children of Giuseppe and Lidia, Giorgio, Bruno, Giovanna, and Carlo, took over the family business and the winery. They worked tirelessly to implement the knowledge and teachings passed down by their parents. They incorporated the traditions they learnt from a young age of respecting the land and the territory. They did so to grow indigenous vines and produce wines of the highest quality. 

The four children started the production and distribution of their unique Bricco Quaglia, Biancospino, and Moscatos in 1977. They did it with the guidance and assistance of their parents. This venture led to some of the earliest Moscatos of single-cru to get made in Italy. 

The vineyards owned by La Spinetta enjoy a temperature oceanic climate and receive refreshing winds from the neighbouring water bodies. The workers at the estate implement and incorporate organic farming and viticulture methods. They believe that the vines develop a deep connection to the land. Thus, adequate care of the plot will help the plants grow to be of superior quality. 

The grapevines of the La Spinetta estate can transmit the essence of the terroir and the micro-climate of the area into the produced wines. They deliver consistency and complexity to the drinks that make them delectable and enjoyable.

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