Rodney Strong Vineyards

Rodney Strong Vineyards

About Rodney Strong Vineyards

The story of Rodney Strong Vineyards began in 1959 when the winery’s founder Rodney S. Strong retired from his dancing career. He married Charlotte Ann Winson, his dance accompanist and partner, and started his life in the winemaking art and industry. His venture into the new field led him to Sonoma County. There he realised the value and potential of the land that could lead to unmatched diversity and world-class standards of the planted vines.  

Rodney’s vision of top-quality wines started over 60 years back and continues to date. In addition to that, it turned into a long career of almost forty years for Emeritus Rick Sayre, a winemaker at Rodney Strong Vineyards. In 2018, Rick handed the baton over to Justin Seidenfeld. He serves as the Director of Winemaking today. It has led to the development and operation of a passionate team of winemakers. They create critically tested and acclaimed wines and numerous vintages. The project of innovative winemaking gets aided by modern machinery used by Rodney Strong Vineyards.

Rodney Strong Vineyards has remained under the leadership and supervision of the Klein family for over 30 years. It has allowed the winery to flourish extensively. It can get owed to the commitment of the family to preserve and protect the environment and surroundings. They strive to employ this concept and notion in the winery and vineyards. This belief and approach led to the sustainable winemaking and farming practices of Rodney Strong Vineyards. 

Rodney Strong Vineyards conserve the soil using two methods. They practice erosion control and runoff management. In addition to that, they compost the grape pumice. They use it to supplement the soil with organic matter. They use cover crops from natural sources to avoid and prevent erosion. It helps in the potentially wet and long winter months.

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