Raúl Pérez

Raúl Pérez

About Raúl Pérez

Raúl Pérez is a unique winery that, unlike traditional wineries, changes and modifies its brands, wine types, and vineyards according to the varying factors of nature and its creator’s creativity. Its venture starts with a link between the owner Raúl Pérez and Castro Ventosa. The latter was a family-owned winery in Valtuille in Leon’s Bierzo region. The wines there inspired the aspiring oenologist and winemaker, leading him to develop and create his winery. 

The founder and owner of the winery, Raúl Pérez, is a free spirit who loves to invent and develop new flavours and tastes and let the world know of his creations and discoveries. He implements this aspect and side of his personal life into his winemaking business. It allows for new and exciting changes and incorporations to the produced wines. The winery grows native varieties of grapevines and limits their production per the total quantity of fruits harvested per season. This restriction, in turn, ensures that all the grapes are of the highest quality, allowing for the development and distribution of wines of excellent standard and degree.

The winery follows the fundamentals and traditional craftsmanship of Raúl Pérez. All the workers and staff at the vineyards work with minimal intervention in the plots. They try to understand the characteristics and features of the land and the climate surrounding the region. 

Raúl Pérez holds nature in high regard. For that reason, he prioritises minimal external influence on the land and the grapes. He believes that understanding all the factors that affect the winemaking process can help make the highest quality beverages. It allows the drinks to express the qualities and characteristics of their origin through their taste, colour, and aroma. In addition to that, it lets the wines retain their freshness and attributes even twenty years after production.

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